Dr. Tracey Adams
Dr. Tracey Adams

Emotional Intelligence for Women 

This course really helped me get back to intention – there are exercises and tools in this course that allow me to feel back in control of my life. Thank you!

Julia C.
CEO, Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, LLC

I am now able to pause and go through a self-awareness process before acting…my actions, feelings and reactions are more under control which helps me communicate to others more effectively. 

Bahar H.S.
Founder, Raha Data LLC

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“ThriveOn was first conceived in a Starbucks coffee shop many years ago when I was a corporate leader, single mom and stressed beyond recognition. I was barely surviving the emotional grind of corporate life.  At the time, I wanted so much more and was stuck in a job I hated. I was deep in debt with no clue how to navigate a life I so badly wanted to change. On the outside, I looked like I had it all together, but on the inside, I could not get settled.”

Sound familiar? 

For the past 25 years, Dr. Tracey Adams has been dedicated to helping successful, professional women develop stronger Emotional Intelligence skills in order to take control of their lives and Thrive.

“I began to practice powerful EQ tools to clearly articulate what I wanted and step into my power. I know that you can lead your life without losing yourself because I’ve lived it. It’s through the evolution of my own personal work that I’ve sharpened these skills to guide other powerful women like you on the journey of self-discovery, personal power, and deeper well-being. We really rise together.”

I was blown away…This course was so empowering, AND it was literally life changing. I learned how to get my voice heard in a more constructive way. I changed how I speak with peers, work colleagues and my husband. If you are into self-development and want to show up in your own power, you have to take this course.

Christa K.
CEO & Founder of Fitlandia

Absolutely life changing. I learned how to be in my own power, and work with my coworkers and my manager better. Dr. Tracey’s course taught me how to talk to people more effectively and really be in my joy. 

Michele J.
RN Case Manager, Legacy Hospice

about dr. tracey adams

Dr. Tracey Adams is a corporate leader in Human Resources and a national speaker on the topic of leading with emotional intelligence for women.

Using experiential methods of neuroscience to increase emotional intelligence, Dr. Adams teaches high-achieving, professional women how to thrive in their career, move through life transitions, increase their income, and improve relationships at home and at work.

She’s taught thousands of professional women how to step into their power using emotional intelligence to achieve their goals.

Tracey Adams presenting in China
Using the tools in the EQ school helped me to approach challenging situations in my relationships more effectively; this course has been empowering and life-changing!

Cindy B.
Executive Producer, Free Dream Pictures

Dr. Tracey is a master storyteller. She is a powerful force and a gentle breeze, wrapped in a blanket of contagious energy. I will be forever changed. 

Wendy K. 
Leadership Development Strategist, Red Hat Inc.

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If you’d like to learn more about emotional intelligence and how it can help you propel your career and personal life, contact me directly at tracey@thriveonseminars.com.