Hi, I'm Dr. Tracey Adams!

I’m the Owner of ThriveOn Seminars and an Emotional Well-Being Expert for Women.

I was blown away…it was empowering, AND it was literally life changing. The awareness wheel tool is a beautiful process to walk through when you are emotionally triggered…if you want to find a more
constructive way to express yourself and show up in your own power, sign up for an EQ School course!


Absolutely life changing. I learned how to be in my power, how to work with my coworkers and my manager better. Dr. Tracey’s course taught me how to talk to people and really be in my joy. 


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ThriveOn was first conceived in a Starbucks coffee shop many years ago when I was a single mom and came to realize just how stressed I was. I was barely surviving the emotional grind of corporate life. 

At the time, I wanted so much more and was stuck in a job I hated. I was deep in debt with no clue how to navigate a life I so badly wanted to change. On the outside, I looked like I had it all together, but on the inside, my spirit was unsettled.

Sound familiar?

I’ve dedicated my life to help successful & professional women like you develop stronger Emotional Intelligence skills because I know that you can advance your career without losing yourself. I’ve lived it. It’s through the evolution of my own personal work that I’ve sharpened my personal purpose to guide other powerful women like you on the journey of self-discovery, personal power, and well-being.

about dr. tracey adams

Dr. Tracey Adams is a corporate consultant in leadership effectiveness and a national speaker on the topic of emotional well-being for women.

Using experiential methods of neuroscience to increase emotional intelligence, Tracey teaches high-achieving, professional women how to thrive in their career, move through transitions, increase their income, and improve relationships at home and at work.

She’s taught thousands of professional women how to step into their power using emotional intelligence to get their worth.

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