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My doctorate research, in partnership with Gallup, explored the correlations of Emotional Intelligence and leader effectiveness. This led to the creation of the ThriveOn Dashboard. It’s purpose? To help you develop the Emotional Intelligence skills needed to go from surviving to thriving, in the 5 key areas that lead to human happiness, productivity, and joy:

  • Social Relationships
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Community Well-Being
  • Purpose/Career Well-Being
  • Money Well-Being

This transformational model is grounded in the cognitive development work of Emotional Intelligence. I created it, followed it, and then it changed my life forever! 

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Cups of Coffee

I’ve read EQ books, and even taught elements of EQ to college students. But her stuff is the real deal. It’s created for real people who want change in their lives!

Sharon J.
Director of Programs and Partnerships, The Shadow Project

Emotional Intelligence is the key to living a life that thrives.

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How to Manage Different Workplace Personalities

“Managers have to be comfortable with conflict and know it’s for the better of the organization,” said Tracey Adams, Ph.D., founder of ThriveOn Seminars, a Portland, Ore.-based firm focused on developing emotional intelligence.

Technology is Keeping Us Connected While Physically Apart

 “We get higher oxytocin levels if we can see someone’s face,” says Tracey Adams, PhD., founder of ThriveOn Seminars in Portland, Oregon. “If you’re only meeting via audio, you’re going to get distracted and you won’t feel the benefits of being connected.”

6 Ways To Tame Your Inner Workaholic

Examine why you are so busy, says Tracey Adams, PhD, founder of ThriveOn Seminars. “There is nothing wrong with loving your job and working on weekends when you are inspired to do so but how much of it is rooted in who you are,” she says. 

The goal of Emotional Intelligence is to increase your self-awareness between what happens and what you do so that you can make better choices for yourself and others.


I’d love to hear from you! Let’s tackle your challenges and take on new opportunities. Contact me now at tracey@thriveonseminars.com.