Are You Emotionally Predictable?

By Tracey Adams | 04/10/2017

Amanda pulls into the parking lot spilling her coffee down her freshly pressed shirt. After dropping her kids off at daycare, she panics at the amount of time needed to get to her department’s staff meeting once she parks. She thinks to herself, “I cannot continue to work like this trying to anticipate what is […]

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How Does Your Leadership Feel?

By Tracey Adams | 03/07/2017

How do you know if you are a good boss or a bad boss? How do you assess if you are balanced in your technical intelligence (the what of your job) and your emotional intelligence (the how of your job)? Emotional intelligence or EQ, is the cognitive ability to perceive emotions accurately within yourself and […]

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Ladies, Are You Being Alpha’ed At Work?

By Tracey Adams | 02/12/2017

al·pha denoting a person who has a dominant role or position within a particular sphere; the head animal in a pack. . . I recently contributed to a Forbes article about women getting their voice in the room. During the Lean-In craze, Sheryl Sandberg advised us to stop sitting in chairs around the room and take a […]

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Emotional Intelligence and Money

By Tracey Adams | 01/20/2017

I love the saying “there is only one relationship here.” Whether it is our diet, our family, bosses and coworkers, or the things we own, we are always in relationship with ourselves first – and then we project this intra-personal relationship out into the world. So it is with our relationship with the pieces of […]

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Not Chasing a Man

By Tracey Adams | 01/03/2017

My thirteen-year old daughter asked me this question this week. “Mom, do guys still hit on you?” I abruptly said, “No, I am too old for that!” After a few minutes of reflection, though, I recalled an encounter that happened last year. It was summer and I was driving through Portland in my light-blue VW […]

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Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

By Tracey Adams | 12/20/2016

I recently read an enlightening case study about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that exemplifies the importance of how these principles are applied. In the study, a very successful company hired an emotional intelligence consultant to teach EQ as part of the training curriculum for their sales force. They happily realized an immediate return on investment with […]

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Emotional Intelligence Into the Woods

By Tracey Adams | 12/09/2016

I believe walking into the woods is a living metaphor of an archetypal journey. In the deep forest of our being we encounter the dark places, the mysterious and hidden corners of our psyches. As we continue on our journey and fight our way through the visible and invisible threats to our well-being, we emerge […]

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What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

By Tracey Adams | 11/05/2016

What is emotional intelligence (EQ)? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to notice and name your emotional experience while you are having it, and integrating this self-awareness for better cognitive functioning. It is also described as integrating the thinking brain with the feeling brain to have better control over your choices. How many of us […]

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Emotional Intelligence and Well-Being

By Tracey Adams | 10/09/2016

Emotional intelligence is the ability to notice and name your feelings, thoughts, and wants while they are happening before you take action. It is the ability to integrate your thinking brain with your emotional brain in order to make better choices for your own well-being and self care. Have you ever stood in front of […]

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