Emotional Intelligence

There’s No Crying in Football

By Tracey Adams | 07/05/2018

I had a really hard week. I gave an executive presentation to the top leaders of an organization and they had critical feedback. These executives became emotionally charged as the powerful members stated their positions, often cutting other’s views, and sidetracking my well-rehearsed presentation to express their voice of dissent. The content, although engaging, included […]

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The Male Crisis in America: What Women Can Do…

By Tracey Adams | 05/10/2018

Imagine this situation with me: Paul is the boss at an organization and is grabbing a morning cup of coffee in the break room as Britney, an employee of the organization, walks in to place her lunch in the refrigerator. Paul says, “Good morning, Britney, you look really great in that dress.” This type of […]

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The Female Face of Leadership

By Tracey Adams | 04/08/2018

Are There Gender Differences in Leadership?  There are a plethora of leadership models that have been popular in business from Situational Leadership, to Transformational Leadership, to One-Minute Manager, to Level 5 Leadership. The list goes on and on but one thing is true – thought leaders in leadership science describe what is true for leaders, what […]

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What You Learned In EQ School

By Tracey Adams | 03/08/2018

If it’s true that over 85% of human success is in the emotional and social intelligence domains (rather then remembering facts/figures of cognition), then are we really preparing our children and teenagers for living in the world of social connection and empathy? How many of the following emotional intelligence (EQ) skills do you remember learning […]

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The Genius Of Emotions

By Tracey Adams | 02/07/2018

“Emotions are the root of everything we do, the unquenchable origin of every act more complicated than a reflex…In all cases, emotions are humanity’s motivators…” A General Theory of Love, Thomas Lewis, MS Emotional Intelligence is the ability to notice and name your emotional experience while it is happening, and then make effective decisions for […]

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How To Change Your Ways

By Tracey Adams | 12/13/2017

Changing human behavior is messy business. How many times have we made resolutions to do something differently in the New Year, only to find by mid-January, it is back to business as usual? The human brain is wired for efficiency. This organ, although only 2% of our body weight, uses about 20% of our caloric […]

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