Emotional Intelligence Training

Step Into Your Power with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to notice and name your internal experience. It is the foundation of social intelligence, which is using this self-awareness to clearly articulate what you think, feel and want to other people. High emotional intelligence helps us take control of our cognitive impulses to advance our goals, whether that means earning more money, getting promoted, experiencing deeper intimacy, or leading a high performing team.

By developing your emotional intelligence in this experiential course, you will:

  • Set Boundaries

    Set clear boundaries with others

  • Advance Your Career

    Advocate and advance in your career

  • Control Your Money

    Have more control over money and what earn and save

  • Deepen Relationships

    Improve your ability to experience deeper intimacy

  • Cearly Articulate

    Clearly articulate what you think, feel, and want

Emotional Intelligence Course Curriculum

This hands-on emotional intelligence course guides you through 12 essential EQ training modules that cover the basics of Emotional Intelligence training. This in-depth EQ course is backed by a valuable EI training workbook and other online emotional intelligence education tools. The EQ School coupled with our Emotional Intelligence curriculum will give you the practical steps needed to build emotional intelligence and significantly improve your day-to-day life.

Begin With

A Journey That Includes a variety of learning methods that will enrich your emotional intelligence development experience. Co-developed by the Well-Being experts at the Gallup Corporation, the combination of reading, self-reflection, video demonstrations, practice, and real time feedback from a certified instructor will anchor your development for lasting change.

Conclude With

  • A Private Slack.com community of powerful women who have gone before you
  • Full access to the Teachable The Power and Practice of Emotional Intelligence content
  • 20% off the experiential 2019 Summer Retreat for Women at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort in Detroit, Oregon - a program offered only once per year.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Lecture 1

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to notice and name your internal experience while you are having it, and then using this self-awareness to move into actions that are beneficial for you and your relationships...

Voices in Your Head

You know it when you see it.

Emotional Intelligence is that calm presence you feel when things at work or at home get stressed but your inner world is still grounded....

Who's Driving the Car: Emotions Control Everything

Our emotional brain governs much of our behavior. Have you heard the sayings, “It was in the heat of passion.”, or “I was out of my mind with rage!”, or “What was I thinking by doing that?”...

The Business Case for EQ: Emotional Intelligence at Work

Social scientists have been correlating organizational performance with emotional intelligence for years. Here are a few studies that have proved that emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) have had significant impact within the workplace...

Why EQ for Women?

As women, we can lose ourselves in relationships, taking care of other people or not being able to set clear boundaries at work. We are socialized this way and often pick up patterns in our family system that we take to work with us every day...

Building Your EQ

We come into the world fully wired as social beings Equipped with “Social Brains.” Even as infants, we have hardwired emotional instincts to relate to our caregivers. We know our mother's voice, and we seek her eyes as soon as we can open our own...

Are You READY for Practice?

This tool is my favorite way to explain what happens when we go through change. It is never a straight, logical path from point A to point B. Change literally hurts the brain when we make NEW pathways. So you could say, trying new things and changing our ways, is emotional...

The Practice of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Lecture 2

Coming to Your Senses

There are several definitions of self-awareness, let’s look at a few so you can find the language that has meaning for you...

The Genius of Feelings

When we give ourselves the ability to STOP, BREATHE and NOTICE what we are feeling BEFORE we take action, we make better decisions...

What's Your Story?

Take a look the photo above. What do you see? What is happening with this woman? Is she at work or at home? Is she stressed, tired, sad or sleeping? What might be going on for this woman right now?

What Do You REALLY Want?

In the context of emotional intelligence, WANT is a verb that means "have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for or ask for" - What you want is the foundation of showing up with confidence. Often, women are not socialized to ask for what they want...

Fake It Till You Make It

Action is what many of us are normally very good at, and in fact, we may too often jump straight to action without first consciously identifying thoughts, feelings, and wants...

The Rubber Meets the Road: Getting What You Want

We are now going to practice "walking the wheel" and having a here and now conversation that might be challenging. Watch the following video to see this tool IN ACTION...

Boundaries with Your Boss

Navigating a difficult conversation, this time with your boss!! It is not easy to set boundaries with someone who may have positional power over you. However...

A Difficult Conversation

I can not tell you how many times I have been passive aggressive when I did not have the words to set boundaries with another person. As you watch this example, notice how I go around "the wheel" to tell him what I noticed..

Emotional Intelligence Training Options

Not ready to take the full course? Dip your toes in the water with a full video from each lecture:
Who's Driving the Car: Emotions Control Everything
Fake it Till You Make It

Perfect for independent learners who want to advance their emotional and social skills within their own network/community

Perfect for learners who want to take emotional intelligence deeper with real-time practice skills, feedback, and action plan

Great for learners who want to unpack a particular issue with feedback and real-time support

What Participants Are Saying About Our Emotional Intelligence Education & EI Training

“The retreat, led by Dr. Tracey Adams, was truly an awesome experience. Tracey has a warm, funny, empathetic style of taking all of us through a series of experiences with each other that were transformative.”

“It was a very bonding experience, and at the end of the experience, no one really wanted leave!”

“Dr. Tracey Adams is truly “emotionally intelligent” and has the capacity to teach all of us how to find our own voice and develop this crucial skill within ourselves.”

“As an introvert, being in a group activity and being the center of attention is not comfortable for me. However, this experience opened my eyes to areas that I need to build strength and confidence. I’m so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with other women that are truly amazing and supportive.”

“Tracey Adams was very sensitive, intuitive and supportive to each and every attendee. Thank you Tracey!!”

“ThriveOn gave me the space to quiet my mind and focus on elements of my life to foster greater well-being.”

“My greatest gift to myself was putting on my dashboard, “ask for more.” I used to give more until there was nothing left of me – Today I ask for what I want.”

“I came away from the weekend with new friends and a new energy for life!”

“Tracey is a fantastic facilitator and she fully leads from the heart. She has an amazing way of bringing people together and all of us who attended would say we became fast friends.”

“Tracey is truly gifted in all that she does and I know EVERYONE would benefit from not only her work in emotional intelligence but from her as well!”

“We all had the opportunity to communicate with each other in a way that we normally don’t get a chance to do.”

“By becoming conscious of where I am imbalanced, I practiced being vulnerable and creating open, honest dialogue with other powerful women at the retreat and then later, when I got home.”

“Everyday I reflect on my ThriveOn dashboard and become inspired to do at least one action.“

“I am amazed at how freeing it is to share my desires, dreams and thoughts. Since the retreat, more and more, people meet me closer to what I ask for than I believed possible.”

“This is a retreat not to be missed.”

Complimentary Checklist

Ten Tips to Getting Your Voice in the Room Using Emotional Intelligence

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Speaking in a professional setting can be challenging. If you are verbally commanding you might appear overly aggressive, if you show up quiet and thoughtfully, you are perceived as not adding value to the conversation. This quick guide will teach you how to get your voice in the room.

Speaking in a professional setting can be challenging. If you are verbally commanding you might appear overly aggressive, if you show up quiet and thoughtfully, you are perceived as not adding value to the conversation. This quick guide will teach you how to get your voice in the room.

Meet Tracey

Dr. Tracey Adams has been teaching emotional intelligence within corporations and academia for over thirteen years. The evolution of her own personal work has sharpened her purpose of guiding other powerful women on the journey of self-discovery, personal power, and well being.

Partnering with the Well-Being experts at Gallup – this curriculum is transformational both in content and design. Her doctorate research (also in partnership with Gallup) explored the correlations of emotional intelligence and leader effectiveness. Tracey can be found in Portland, Oregon where she is raising two amazing teenagers, and facilitates emotional intelligence retreats for women and corporate teams.

KNOWwhat you think

OWNwhat you feel

CLAIMwhat you want

CHOOSEwhat you do