Advanced Team Development Workshop

Hands-on Learning in Emotional and Social Intelligence

Building the Perfect Team

High performing teams differentiate themselves from functional teams by two important variables, team members’ ability to have an equal share of participation (their voice in the room) and physiological safety between the members and leader (Google research study, 2017).

Building a high performing team takes leadership courage, commitment and the ability to lean into difficult conversations as they happen within the team dynamics.

Using emotional intelligence skill development, intact teams can experience new levels of performance by having conversations that bust-down silos while forming deep respect and understanding, and honors diversity of thought.

Emotional intelligence as a skill set has been linked to:

  • –  effective teamwork and employee well-being
  • –  effective conflict management & delegation skills
  • –  lower absenteeism rates
  • –  increased levels of sales and lower turnover rates
  • –  increased work group engagement scores

ThriveOn Offers hands-on training experiences that will help intact teams - in real time – practice emotional intelligence skills to create higher trust with one another.

Session outcomes will enable faster decision-making and effective team collaboration to increase organizational performance.

Dr. Tracey Adams PhD

Dr. Tracey Adams has been researching, facilitating and coaching leaders in emotional intelligence for the past 14 years. Her industry experience includes leadership & team development for retail, health care, academia, manufacturing, utility and government agencies.
In 2013, she partnered with the Gallup corporation to publish her doctoral research exploring the correlations of leader emotional intelligence and workgroup engagement. She was recognized by Gallup for building highly experiential curriculum for leaders whereby demonstrating increased organizational performance by developing their skills in emotional intelligence.

What Participants Are Saying

“The retreat, led by Dr. Tracey Adams, was truly an awesome experience. Tracey has a warm, funny, empathetic style of taking all of us through a series of experiences with each other that were transformative.”

“It was a very bonding experience, and at the end of the experience, no one really wanted leave!”

“Dr. Tracey Adams is truly “emotionally intelligent” and has the capacity to teach all of us how to find our own voice and develop this crucial skill within ourselves.”

“As an introvert, being in a group activity and being the center of attention is not comfortable for me. However, this experience opened my eyes to areas that I need to build strength and confidence. I’m so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with other women that are truly amazing and supportive.”

“Tracey Adams was very sensitive, intuitive and supportive to each and every attendee. Thank you Tracey!!”

“ThriveOn gave me the space to quiet my mind and focus on elements of my life to foster greater well-being.”

“My greatest gift to myself was putting on my dashboard, “ask for more.” I used to give more until there was nothing left of me – Today I ask for what I want.”

“I came away from the weekend with new friends and a new energy for life!”

“Tracey is a fantastic facilitator and she fully leads from the heart. She has an amazing way of bringing people together and all of us who attended would say we became fast friends.”

“Tracey is truly gifted in all that she does and I know EVERYONE would benefit from not only her work in emotional intelligence but from her as well!”

“We all had the opportunity to communicate with each other in a way that we normally don’t get a chance to do.”

“By becoming conscious of where I am imbalanced, I practiced being vulnerable and creating open, honest dialogue with other powerful women at the retreat and then later, when I got home.”

“Everyday I reflect on my ThriveOn dashboard and become inspired to do at least one action.“

“I am amazed at how freeing it is to share my desires, dreams and thoughts. Since the retreat, more and more, people meet me closer to what I ask for than I believed possible.”

“This is a retreat not to be missed.”