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Our retreats focus on the five key areas of PERSONAL POWER that are often compromised as we devote our time, attention and energy away from ourselves, and bring those key areas into balance through increased emotional intelligence.

Join EQ expert Dr. Tracey Adams in her highly-interactive deep-dive workshops so that you can own your power through increased emotional intelligence.

  • Increase your self-awareness for greater well-being

  • Discover a more positive personal identity

  • Deepen relationships at work and at home

  • Set clear boundaries with others

  • Clearly articulate what you think, feel and want when it matters

  • Practice new skills while building a supportive community

Upcoming Retreats

Step Into Your Power with Emotional Intelligence

January 16th, 2019
Portland, Oregon


Join EQ expert, Dr. Tracey Adams in this highly-interactive, deep-dive to own your power through increased emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Renewal

Summer 2019
Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon


Join me at this beautiful and intentional community, where together we will embrace a community rich in inquiry, reflection, inspiration and celebration, as well as discover, understand, and transform into the extraordinary women we know we can be.

KNOWwhat you think

OWNwhat you feel

CLAIMwhat you want

CHOOSEwhat you do