Summer Retreat

Emotional Intelligence Renewal

Step Into Your Power – A Women’s Retreat
Breitenbush Hot Springs | Detroit, Oregon
July 2020 Retreat Canceled – Check back for Summer 2021
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*Due to COVID 19, Registration is CANCELED for our women’s in-person summer retreat.

Some say it is, “A place to bring life into balance.”

It is a place that creates a deeper connection to nature, where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.

What better space to explore your purpose, reclaim your spirit, dive deep into your personal power, and increase your emotional intelligence than at Breitenbush Hot Springs and Resort?

Join me at this beautiful and intentional community, where together we will embrace a community rich in inquiry, reflection, inspiration and celebration, as well as discover, understand, and transform into the extraordinary women we know we can be.

This retreat focuses on understanding the building blocks of neuroscience in order to strengthen our ability to notice and name our experiences, set boundaries with others, and ask for and get what we want – in work, in relationships, and in our community.

The personal work will be transformational – and the healing location at Breitenbush will seamlessly complement your attention to self; cultivating deep insights of who you are, realizing how your past has shaped you, and guiding you to own your power and rewrite your future.

Your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is waiting for this opportunity in this one-of-a-kind experience. This summer session is the only time we journey through “braving the wilderness” to emerge changed and stronger.

During the Thrive With Emotional Intelligence retreat at Breitenbush, you will have the opportunity to experience all of the state of the art facilities, accommodations, and culinary magic that Breitenbush has to offer.

Your empowerment begins with stepping into nature, continues with healing yourself in the glorious natural hot springs (clothing and non-clothing options), and strengthens by completing deep personal work by day and connecting with other spectacular women in our cabins at night. Complete with plenty of free time in between to rest, reflect, journal, hike, nap and soak.

This is summer camp for our eager inner teenagers!! Your inner spirit is calling you to be more, do more, and live more.

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  • Dates

    July 17-19, 2020

  • Location

    Breitenbush Hot Springs 
    Detroit, Oregon

  • Details

  • Register

    Registration 503.854.3320

What Participants Are Saying

“The retreat, led by Dr. Tracey Adams, was truly an awesome experience. Tracey has a warm, funny, empathetic style of taking all of us through a series of experiences with each other that were transformative.”

“It was a very bonding experience, and at the end of the experience, no one really wanted leave!”

“Dr. Tracey Adams is truly “emotionally intelligent” and has the capacity to teach all of us how to find our own voice and develop this crucial skill within ourselves.”

“As an introvert, being in a group activity and being the center of attention is not comfortable for me. However, this experience opened my eyes to areas that I need to build strength and confidence. I’m so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with other women that are truly amazing and supportive.”

“Tracey Adams was very sensitive, intuitive and supportive to each and every attendee. Thank you Tracey!!”

“ThriveOn gave me the space to quiet my mind and focus on elements of my life to foster greater well-being.”

“My greatest gift to myself was putting on my dashboard, “ask for more.” I used to give more until there was nothing left of me – Today I ask for what I want.”

“I came away from the weekend with new friends and a new energy for life!”

“Tracey is a fantastic facilitator and she fully leads from the heart. She has an amazing way of bringing people together and all of us who attended would say we became fast friends.”

“Tracey is truly gifted in all that she does and I know EVERYONE would benefit from not only her work in emotional intelligence but from her as well!”

“We all had the opportunity to communicate with each other in a way that we normally don’t get a chance to do.”

“By becoming conscious of where I am imbalanced, I practiced being vulnerable and creating open, honest dialogue with other powerful women at the retreat and then later, when I got home.”

“Everyday I reflect on my ThriveOn dashboard and become inspired to do at least one action.“

“I am amazed at how freeing it is to share my desires, dreams and thoughts. Since the retreat, more and more, people meet me closer to what I ask for than I believed possible.”

“This is a retreat not to be missed.”

Meet Tracey

Dr. Tracey Adams has been teaching emotional intelligence within corporations and academia for over fourteen years. The evolution of her own personal work has sharpened her purpose of guiding other powerful women on the journey of self-discovery, personal power, and well being.

Partnering with the Well-Being experts at Gallup – this curriculum is transformational both in content and design. Her doctorate research (also in partnership with Gallup) explored the correlations of emotional intelligence and leader effectiveness. Tracey can be found in Portland, Oregon where she is raising two amazing kids, and facilitates emotional intelligence retreats for women once per year.

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Complimentary Checklist

Ten Tips to Getting Your Voice in the Room Using Emotional Intelligence

Speaking in a professional setting can be challenging. If you are verbally commanding you might appear overly aggressive, if you show up quiet and thoughtfully, you are perceived as not adding value to the conversation. This quick guide will teach you how to get your voice in the room.

Speaking in a professional setting can be challenging. If you are verbally commanding you might appear overly aggressive, if you show up quiet and thoughtfully, you are perceived as not adding value to the conversation. This quick guide will teach you how to get your voice in the room.

KNOWwhat you think

OWNwhat you feel

CLAIMwhat you want

CHOOSEwhat you do