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Physical Well-Being

What Thriving Physical Well-Being looks like is a woman who has the freedom to do what she wants to do because she is free of physical discomfort. She has enough energy throughout the day and does not feel the need to “take the edge off” with unhealthy activities. She makes good dietary, exercise and health management choices and is not in competition with her future self (the woman she wants to look like someday.) She feels positive about how she looks and is comfortable in her own skin.

  • We are frequently in constant battle with our present self and future self (if I eat the cookie now, how will I feel later?)

  • We are always making small choices throughout the day that impact our physical well-being

  • Food is Mood – chemicals impact our emotionns

  • 20 min of exercise per day can boost your positive emotions


  • Getting sleep/naps/rest is physical THRIVE


Dr. Tracey Adams

Meet Tracey

Dr. Tracey Adams has been teaching emotional intelligence within corporations and academia for over thirteen years. The evolution of her own personal work has sharpened her purpose of guiding other powerful women on the journey of self-discovery, personal power, and well being.

Partnering with the Well-Being experts at Gallup – this curriculum is transformational both in content and design. Her doctorate research (also in partnership with Gallup) explored the correlations of emotional intelligence and leader effectiveness. Tracey can be found in Portland, Oregon where she is raising two amazing teenagers, and facilitates emotional intelligence retreats for women and corporate teams.

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